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By Jordan Haines, September 23, 2014 Comments Off AussieTuber, LLAMABull

Want to know how to setup remote play on PS4? Well Aussie Youtuber LLAMABull is here to break it down.

By Peter Biu, September 16, 2014 Comments Off CD Podcast

In this weeks episode of the Console Domination Podcast, we take a look at news around the web and a topic raises the question are Limited Editions really all that limited with current generation gaming? This and so much more… Read More »

By Tim Ellis, September 11, 2014 Comments Off Editorial

Killer Instinct season 2 is going to change the game immensely unlike new iterations of Street Fighter IV or Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom where the changes are mainly limited to frames on moves and new characters, Killer Instinct S2 is… Read More »

By Peter Biu, September 11, 2014 Comments Off Editorial, Retro Domination - CDGN

George Orwell had big predictions for 1984, but it was 1989 when a different revolution took place — the birth of handheld gaming. Nintendo launched the very first Game Boy and its various iterations sold a whopping 118 million units,… Read More »

By Peter Biu, September 6, 2014 Comments Off Reviews

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is a largely single player dungeon crawling action RPG, designed to mimic a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG, because it’s based off an anime about a bunch of gamers who are stuck in a virtual reality… Read More »

By AussieGamerChick, August 31, 2014 Comments Off AussieGamerChick, AussieTuber

Assassin’s Creed Unity Digital Trips?! (AC Unity Rift Side Mission Details) Assassin’s Creed Unity Gameplay, Tips and Tricks, Easter Eggs, How To and Guides coming to this channel. Subscribe to keep up to date on everything Assassin’s Creed Unity! Assassin’s Creed… Read More »

By Gavin Petersen, August 31, 2014 Comments Off Reviews

The Souls series has kicked my ass for years now. I honestly have no idea of how many times I have witnessed that infamous “YOU DIED” screen during my time but the number would be astronomically large. Yet with every… Read More »