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By Peter Biu, August 17, 2014 Comments Off Retro Gaming

A once lost episode now resurfaced in all its…ehem..glory..sort of. Originally episode 13, this one was recently rediscovered in the depths of Tims Hard Drive. So we spliced what remained together and voila! More-so a bit of a look behind… Read More »

By Gavin Petersen, August 17, 2014 Comments Off Reviews

Sniping in video games is not exactly my flavour of choice, I prefer action think and fast compared to the slow, stealthy, attack from afar that is involved in being a sniper. Perhaps it’s my lack of patience or it… Read More »

By Peter Biu, August 15, 2014 Comments Off CD Podcast

The gaming industry is a buzz with last weeks Gamescom 2014 show taking place in Germany. Microsoft and Sony this year had a bunch of impressive titles on show that will be hitting our stores in the next few months… Read More »

By Peter Biu, August 7, 2014 Comments Off CD Podcast

We turn the table and ask the community what you would like to hear us talk about on the Console Domination Podcast. Covering the latest news, The  Steambox and is it worth it? , EA making a comeback? , Achievements… Read More »

By Matthew Cawley, July 27, 2014 Comments Off Featured Article, Media Events

For those who do not know, AVCON is an anime and video games convention held annually in the fair city of Adelaide, South Australia. The history of this prestigious event dates back to 2002 when volunteers of the University of… Read More »

By Sarah Rigg, July 24, 2014 Comments Off Editorial

Entertainment is a topic that provokes a variety of opinions, mostly because of varying views on what is entertaining and what is appropriate for each audience. Generally people accept the entertainment classification G, PG, M, MA, R and X. These… Read More »

By James Wood, July 21, 2014 Comments Off News

Microsoft cuts thousands of jobs, PAX Australia gets ready to tell a new story and a huge win for e-Sports; this is your news update for the week of 14/07/2014. First up some shocking developments over at Microsoft as the… Read More »