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Snack Attack

This episode Sarah and Simon speak to Zack and Shane from Porcelain Labs. These two Brisbane based boys have previously worked on Android game BioGloom and were sponsored by HiQu Dental in Townsville, QLD to build Snack Attack, now available on iOS and Android. Soon they hope to release their next mobile game Flobe. Having accomplished several feats in a few years it’s a short but interesting chat with the young men.


About: Simon Mawson

Simon Mawson (AKA Drdlokd Sp4rtn) Computer Science student at Adelaide University Blogger / Vlogger, Gaming YouTuber, and general techy guy! I am a PC gamer with a passion for Open world role-play games, and a love for fantasy universes like Halo, The Elder Scrolls, and Diablo.

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