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As someone who grew with an immense love of fighting games and has played almost every series As someone who grew with an immense love of fighting games and has played almost every series available, including the Dead or Alive series, the first question that can be asked is: Does Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round improve upon it’s almost twenty year heritage and has it done enough to deserve a place alongside some of today’s top tier fighting games or will it be another title lost to gaming’s history books? Let’s find out!

After seeing that iconic mountain and the Team Ninja logo during the start-up sequence, you are greeted by your typical fighter menu modes including ‘Story’, ‘Fight’, ‘Training’, ‘Online’ and ‘Leaderboards’ along with a few other goodies. “Fight” is the standard offline versus mode against friends and includes either Solo (1v1) matches or Tag Match (2v2) battles Tag matches proved to be entertaining as it allows for a total of four players to battle it out on one system. The “Fight” menu also includes other options such as your standard “Time Attack” mode, which has you racing the clock to beat the game in the fastest possible time. “Survival” mode drop you into a ring of death and will pit you in continuous battles with little to health regeneration between each bout, so prepare yourself for a world of pain!

Story mode is definitely going to be for those Dead or Alive fans that have a vested interested in past games, but may be a little difficult to follow for those that may be new or have only taken a casual interest in the series. It is also slightly disappointing that only nine characters play any kind of important role in the story, which could result in players to losing interest fast in this area of the game.

Speaking of Characters, the game ships with a whopping thirty four playable characters right off the bat, which is just awesome given this age of DLC and a lot of fighting titles that ship with only a handful of characters and then require you pay extra for the remaining roster. Speaking of DLC all content from Dead or Alive 5 which was available on PS3 and XBOX 360 can be transferred to your XBOX One or PS4, so no need to re-purchase your content as it it’s all there from the get go. How awesome is that! Customization is here in full force, with over 300 costumes and accessories that are available to be unlocked and Last Round also comes with an additional 33 exclusive and new costumes from its previous release.  This amount of customization will really allow you to make any fighter your own, given the amount of detail in this area. So we can see that Dead or Alive 5: Last Round includes a number of new features and content, but the next question we need to ask is: Does it play well? Well in short, yes.

While the game play hasn’t changed too much, it’s simple to pick up and play style means that it retains the strong arcade feel and presence that the series is known for, whilst at the same time including a deep combat system that requires the skills to be able to chain long combos or counter hit opponents. It’s highly recommended that players make use of the games training area to really get their skills up to speed. If you are new to the Dead or Alive series, its control scheme can be compared to games such as Tekken or Virtua Fighter, rather than games like Street Fighter or Killer Instinct which focus on quarter circle style motions for all special moves. To go along with its solid game play, the visuals in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round have never looked so good! Not only do the character models look amazing with a fantastic attention to detail, the games backgrounds are absolutely stunning and make great use of the Xbox One’s power.

The online component of Last Round worked well when I was able to find a match, however this may be a title that would be better enjoyed online if you can convince some of your friends to buy it too. Whilst I did manage to find a few Australians playing online and those matches felt nice and smooth, playing against anyone overseas is not recommended at all as the lag destroyed the experience.  The Solo and Tag options found in the offline mode are also available online, with the game also supporting a lobby mode allowing up to 14 people into a room and also and the ability to watch fights in progress whilst they wait their turn to take on the current leader.

Overall, if you’re looking for another game to add to your fighter collection, Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round will not disappoint. Whilst the online mode may not have the extreme support as some other fighters out there, there is still definitely fun to be had by battling your friends offline. The visuals look great and it all runs at a silky smooth 60fps, which is just fantastic. With the addition of some fan favourites guest characters from the Virtua Fighter Series including Akira, Pai, Jacky and Sarah Bryant and variety of game modes, I’m sure you will be entertained for months to come!


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