E3 2015: Day Two Impressions

I had to work yesterday so I didn’t have a chance to watch Day One, though I’m sure many amazing things were unveiled. I woke up just in time for today’s start though and what I’m going to be doing is mini-paragraphs for games in which I see promise – not every single title mentioned. Sorry.

I was happy to see that the first thing they were covering when I tuned in was Until Dawn, the next survival-horror game we will be seeing. This game is incredible. It has multiple endings, a choice system with a butterfly effect so the decisions you make impact the story. There is no way to go back remake a decision, apart from playing the game over again. Bring it on!

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 is coming in September and wow. All I can say is wow. The “lobbies” are free skate parks where you can meet other players before joining together in a party and tackling co-op missions. There are 10 pro skaters you can choose from to play as or a select custom character. I didn’t quite catch it you can make your own, but it certainly looks more like the original title and not like Tony Hawk Underground (which I love).

King’s Quest has certainly caught my attention. I didn’t play the previous games (that I recall), but King Graham is back, older now, and he is retelling his past adventures -along with new ones- to his grandchildren through the game’s story. The graphics are hand-water-colored, which is quite a feat. Christopher Lloyd is the voice of King Graham which is really cool. This game was just announced as coming out in late July on PS3 and PS4.

Dues Ex: Mankind Divided will be one of the biggest releases we see on the PS4 and Xbox One generation. New augmentations, new technology, and a story set two years after Human Revolution in a world where humanity is more against augmentation than ever and Adam is there to try and change their minds. Gameplay looks incredibly amazing. I was drooling during the reveal trailer. The game is scheduled for release early 2016.

Rocket League is an interesting concept. Imagine playing soccer, but with cars in destructive mode. Kinda like Twisted Metal, I’d say (since Sweet Tooth is exclusive to PS4). I also saw hints of the “soccer field” lobbies waaay back in Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast. With online multiplayer of up to 8 people, this game looks like a good time. It’s due out July 7th.

Just Cause 2 was a very fun and destructive sandbox game to play. Just Cause 3 looks to be even more so, if that’s possible. Coming to PS4 on December 1st, Rico Rodriguez is back and badder than ever. A new grappling hook with the ability to tether and not only that but multiple tether looks quite fun. The game introduces a new feature, the wing-suit, and when combined with grappling, you can pull yourself through the world while soaring. The world looks so, so beautiful, even as you destroy it. I look forward to a demo for sure!

This is about everything I became excited for from Day 2 of what I was able to see. I’m looking forward to Day 3 tomorrow.


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