E3 2015: Sony Press Conference Recap

Tonight, I came home from a viewing of Jurassic World just in time for Sony’s E3 Press Conference where a number of things were revealed. Before I get to the gaming, let me just say that Playstation Vue is expanding more and more into other cities while gaining the option to select which channels exactly it is that you want to subscribe to. This means that you don’t have to have an expensive package with a bunch of channels that you don’t watch. It was also told to us that PS Plus members have a discount on those subscriptions. For a guy like me that refuses to get cable TV of any sort because I just don’t watch much, that mainly streams and uses torrents for his shows, this was good news because sometimes, honestly, I just want to kick back and watch some random show on a television station that I typically enjoy.

Alright, let’s talk about the heart of the conference now – upcoming games that perhaps we do or don’t know about. What I’m going to do here is talk briefly about the things that really stood out to me, while just listing the rest at the bottom of the article. The first thing I’m going to mention is Call of Duty: Black Ops III. While I, personally, have never been a huge fan of this series, I do feel like I am better at this than I am at Battlefield and I did find it interesting that Activision has decided to drop Microsoft and move forward with Sony as the console of choice for Call of Duty‘s future. As far as the game itself, when it showed the multiplayer, it reminded me of Titanfall more than anything else… just without the robot titans.

Next is a game called No Man’s Sky. They’re calling it the largest sandbox exploration game to date. The map they showed had many bright “stars” which were actually suns of a specific galaxy. Each galaxy has several places you can visit. As the presenter zoomed out on the map -even at a high speed- hundreds of stars were visible and he said you can visit any of them and he chose one at random. He showed us a beacon on the world he chose to visit and when he arrived, he was quickly under attack by Guardians, protectors of that world, after he destroyed some of the environment. He collected a few pieces of intel by scanning, and said once you go to the beacon, all that information you scanned is stored. Certainly seems like hours upon hours of gameplay for those of us that enjoy exploration.


The Last Guardian – the game the conference kicked off with – was quite impressive in its own right. A little boy and a griffon-dog-lion beast (not sure which is the guardian, or if they both are) made their way through a temple ruin that was falling apart. One scene in particular where the boy was trying to outrun a falling bridge caught my heartstrings in this feat of co-operation. Upon making it to a platform he could not escape from, the boy looked toward his beast companion and made a jump for it, hoping his pet would catch him. As he jumped, the boy realized he wasn’t going to make the jump and thought he was doomed. The beast, also seeing the boy would not reach him, brought his long tail up from below and the boy landed on it, then climbed up the tail onto the body before proceeding. I don’t know how they managed to control this entire thing via gameplay layout, but I thought it was amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on this title.

When presenters announced that Kickstarter had a fund raising project active for Shenmue 3, everyone screamed with excitement, even myself. Shenmue was a game I recall playing on the Dreamcast system that I felt defined what open-world free play should mean. It’s combat, story, and overall feedback from the world was quite positive. Its sequel was not as strong, but it wasn’t bad either. They said Shenmue 3 would be a sequel to both games, not a reboot. As of the end of the conference, the Kickstarter project already had over $300,000 in funding, which is definitely something to brag about as it had just been announced 20 minutes prior.

The next title I’m going to mention is for a game that all of my friends say I should play and are surprised that I already haven’t – Final Fantasy VII. According to the information we have so far, it’s being completely remade (not just an HD version) for the PS4 exclusively. The trailer for it looked fantastic and I’ll be happy when I can check it out… in 2017.

The last game I’m going to devote a paragraph to is a new creative title called Dreams. Think Little Big Planet without Sackboy and the ability to make anything you can possible think of be it a game, a symphony, a movie even and have the ability to share it with the world. The video we got was a man playing the piano then I wanna say it morphed into a battle with a little pink bunny fighting things that looked like cacti. I got the impression Snubble (a Pokémon) vs the plants (of Plants VS Zombies) before the pink bunny winning ontop of a pile of dead cacti and it fading back out to the pianist.

Project Horizon looked like a post-apocalyptic Tomb Raider in a sense and I was interested… until they showed us mechanical dinosaurs and I was like WTF is this? The next Hitman title was revealed, showing that we would travel to exotic new places in the franchise’s most ambitious title. Destiny: The Taken King was announced as the franchise’s next DLC due out in November 2015 which will also be available as a physical release. I’m not much of a fan of this series as when I played it, it just felt like any other shooter. My favorite shooter franchise will always be Borderlands. I was hoping to see a trailer for Borderlands 3 tonight, but I had no such luck. Tonight was only the beginning though, I can only hope. The conference closed with more gameplay of Uncharted 4 and I tell you, I think that will be the biggest game of the year.

The other games announced or had gameplay shown are Street Fighter V, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, World of Final Fantasy, Batman: Arkham Knight Scarecrow Missions (the video shown was taking place after Arkham City and you were a cop in first person shooter view), Disney Infinity 3.0 (which was revealed having a Star Wars theme, with Boba Fett being exclusive only to PS4 and PS3), Star Wars Battlefront 3, and the next survival horror title, Until Dawn. I look forward to seeing what else is covered in this year’s E3 over the next few days.


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