E3 2015: Street Fighter V Preview

It’s been six months since Capcom announced that they had partnered with Sony and that Street Fighter V would be coming exclusively to the Playstation 4 and PC platforms, and while the initial announcement trailer and alpha footage had a lot of sceptics proclaiming that it was far too similar to Street Fighter IV, the deluge of pre and post E3 footage that we have seen over the past few days  has gone a long way to dispel those fears and proven that this really is a next generation installation of this long running franchise.

Out with the old, in with the new

At the core of any Street Fighter game are its main battle mechanics and as long time fans of the series may be accustomed to, these mechanics change with each new instalment of the series. This means that it’s time to say good bye to the ‘Focus Attacks’ and ‘Ultra’ mechanics of the previous game and hello to an exciting new set of battle systems. While the ‘Super’ meter will carry over from Street Fighter IV and it will continue to act as an EX (enhanced special move) gauge, super moves have been renamed to ‘Critical Arts’. The ‘Revenge/Ultra’ meter from the previous game has been replaced by the new ‘V-Gauge’, which will power Street Fighter V’s new set of mechanics:

‘V-Skill’ – V-Skills (activated by pressing both medium punch and medium kick at the same time) provide each character with a unique ability and can be used freely at the cost of no meter. For example, Ryu gains the ability to ‘parry’ special moves or hits, much akin to Street Fighter III, Chun Li will perform a diagonal air dash which will put her in a position to follow up with her renowned head stomps, Nash will gain the ability to absorb projectile moves, etc.

“V-Trigger” – V-Triggers (activated by pressing both heavy punch and heavy kick at the same time) are only available once the V-Gauge is completely full. Once activated, the V-Gauge will turn into a timer and the character will enter into a powered up state which provide different buffs that are unique to each member of the roster, eg. Ryu’s is able to charge his fireball and his moves cause greater stun which allow him to easily break the opponents guard and put them into a dizzied, vulnerable state, Chun Li’s normal moves will all hit multiple times, allowing for larger and higher damaging combo’s, etc.

“V-Reversals” – By using one stock of the V-Gauge, players can press either forward & three punches or three kicks (dependent on the character) whilst blocking to perform a V-Reversal, allowing the player to push their opponent off them and relieving the defensive pressure. Each character will have unique V-Reversals with some knocking the opponent down, whilst others can switch sides with their opponent.

The return of some old familiar and not so familiar faces

When Street Fighter V was first announced back in November, the inclusion of Ryu and Chun Li as the first confirmed characters of the roster was of no great surprise, after all Ryu is the poster boy of the Street Fighter franchise and Chun Li is the first lady of fighting games. Since then, Capcom has also announced the return one of Street Fighters most requested characters in the form of Nash (aka Charlie), who was last seen in Street Fighter Alpha 3 and whose ending saw him apparently killed off…..and if his new Frankenstein’esque appearance is anything to go by, this Nash may not be entirely who he seems to be. Another character making a return is the leader of the evil Shadowloo organisation and the quintessential Street Fighter villain: M. Bison. While not as drastic of a makeover as Nash, he now sports a rather cool looking trench coat and appears to have aged greatly judging by his gray hair.

London calling!

As part of today’s press conference from Sony at E3, we also got a look the two newest additions to the Street Fighter V roster, with Capcom announcing that the British duo of Cammy (Super Street Fighter II) and Birdie (Street Fighter & Street Fighter Alpha) will be also be joining the cast. Cammy retains her classic look from Street Fighter II and Street Fighter IV, whilst Birdie appears to have indulged in a doughnut or fifty and has put on quite a few kilos! We were also given a look at the new London train station stage, which was typically stereotypical in true Capcom fashion and featured not only the Queen’s British Guard (who for some reason were busking in the middle of the station), punk rockers, a gentlemen in a bowler hat brandishing a croquet stick and of course a steam powered train. Stereotypes aside, the stage looks gorgeous and the visuals have come a long way since the initial Street Fighter V announcement footage!

Whilst this is only scratching the surface of what Street Fighter V has in store for players, another crucial announcement was that Playstation 4 players will have access to the first beta, which will begin on July 23rd. Whether this beta will be available to Australian players has yet to be confirmed by Sony or Capcom.

Stay tuned for more Street Fighter V coverage on Console Domination as we gear up to its 2016 release!

Update: Capcom have now announced that PS4 players can sign up to the first Street Fighter V beta by visiting http://www.streetfighter.com/beta/. PC users can get access to the online beta by pre-ordering Street Fighter V on Steam.


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