Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Preview

With many subscribers (myself included) now taking a break from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn waiting for the game’s first expansion, Heavensward, to drop, let’s go back and review what has been given to us within version 2.0. If this is your first time reading anything related to this game, I would recommend you go back and read my review for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn before continuing on so it makes a bit more sense.

In the form of boss/primal “trials”, we began with the Moogle King, before moving on to Leviathan, Ramuh, Shiva, and Odin in later patches within 2.0. Patch 2.4 gave many players the ability to step outside their normal class/job and try out the new Rogue/Ninja character, which proved to be quite popular among DPS players given the job’s ease of play and high damage output. I believe this patch also gave us the third and final segment of the Binding Coil of Bahamut raid, a 13 part trial.

The second patch within 2.5 gave players a fun, new place to hang out within the Golden Saucer, a huge area in Ul’dah’s region that’s pretty much a casino. Here, players can play all types of games such as; Triple Triad, Mini-Games within the Golden Saucer that act like FATEs, the Cactpot (which is a daily/weekly lottery), and even, Chocobo racing! Upon gaining 1,000,000 of GS currency, you can purchase a Fenrir mount, which was the snow-wolf like boss at the end of the Snowcloak duty. You can also use your currency to purchase new outfits to glamour, including a “Bunny” suit which essentially makes your female character look like she’s hosting one of Hugh Hefner’s parties.

Now, for what we know about the upcoming 3.0 “Heavensward” expansion. The game has announced flying mounts, 3 new jobs (without base classes!), new abilities with the increased level 60 cap (from 50), new primals, new beast tribes to work on reputation towards, and an area that is double the size of the original game’s map (which is already rather huge). All of these facets are quite exciting!

Each of the new jobs are immediately playable upon purchase of Heavensward (original game required) and like the rest of the jobs within the game, they start at level 30 – the main difference is that you do not have a base class that requires a specific level first before you can unlock the job. So, what are the new jobs? The Dark Knight is our new tank which will use MP and “Darkness” to hold emnity, the Astrologian is our new healing class which will use a globe and tarot cards to keep players alive, and finally, the Machinist will be a gun and turret weilding job which (similar to the Bard) will be able to move around and attack while in combat. While all 3 appeal to me, I think the Machinist will be the first I take to 60.

The price ranges between $40 and $130 (US) depending on whether or not you want the collector’s edition (physical or digital – physical having more goodies) and which platform (PC, PS3, PS4) as the game is cross-play between the 3. I have heard that this will be the only expansion in support of the PS3, so if you (like me), need to upgrade, now is the time. Players who pre-order the expansion will have early access to the game on June 19th, while the rest of the world begins playing June 23rd.

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