King’s Quest: Chapter 2 – Rubble Without a Cause Review


Before I embark on this journey, did you play Chapter 1? If you haven’t, stop reading this review and start applying your time correctly; get stuck into the Kingdom of Daventry. Trust me you will feel like you got away without paying the toll when you cross a Troll’s bridge!!! Giddy.

Well that’s how I felt anyway! Rubble without a Cause is the latest Chapter recently released by Sierra & The Odd Gentlemen. The story takes place five years after the first Chapter. Graham is now King and must rule in a Kingly fashion, until of course he is captured by Goblins. This new chapter will introduce new and exciting characters as well as furthering the stories of beloved characters Olfie, Amaya the Blacksmith, Wente the Baker and the Hobblepots, and you may even find out what the Goblins have been doing with all those stolen mattresses.


The story still holds strong, this chapter provides a look at Graham’s role as a leader and King; it may be overwhelming at times, but can he keep his crown on straight and make sound decisions in the face of uncertainty? This is a very different Graham to the Graham introduced previously, he is but a young King with much to learn and he is now thrown in to the deep end. Will he/you make the right choices?

Chapter 2 brings the same humour and charm and lets not forget wit that was supplied in the first chapter, except this one is a lot shorter! Whilst it tells a great story and keeps you entertained throughout, I felt a little empty inside when I finished it within 4 hours.

You will laugh however as the goblins take on your favourite fairy-tales and you will fall in love with their idiotic actions and plain stupidity. Exactly what you would expect from a King’s Quest game.

The authenticity is retained and as a result the nostalgic feelings are back!!! As you will experience a lot of backtracking, pardon the pun, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if you were in love with the Kings Quest’s of old, then this isn’t a complaint. What I found refreshing were the hard choices you had to make whilst trying to solve the challenging puzzles that the game puts in front of you.


The artwork is truly amazing, many may not know but it is all hand drawn for ultimate impact, so much blood, sweat and tears put into a timeless classic.

All the known voice actors are back, including Doc Brown, I mean Christopher Lloyd as King Graham and Zelda Williams the daughter of the late Robin Williams voicing Amaya the Blacksmith. The characters are on point, perfectly articulated and well acted.

If you have played through Chapter 1, then Chapter 2 is a no brainer, however if you are still umming and ahhing, then its time to put the pedal to metal and pick up that season pass and enter the timeless Kingdom of Daventry.


About: Matthew Cawley

I always had a passion for games even in my younger years, when I first received the Atari 2600, Pele Soccer was the flavor of the year, I played that game so much I actually started seeing top down soccer players in real life. My first real advanced gaming experience was when I received the Commodore Amiga 500, this is where adventure games took over my life, Sierra classics such as Police Quest, Space Quest, Kings Quest and the entire Leisure Suit Larry series dominated huge portions of my childhood.

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