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Clothing that grants +5 social armour, it’s a gamer’s dream. Those magical threads that bestow the appearance and feeling of utter confidence, they’re not a myth. Operating out of Brisbane, Australia, is Living Dead Clothing (LDC), the pop culture boutique clothing store. Tens of thousands of ladies (and some men) worldwide are obsessed with the nylon threads, hand made with love for every customer. This customer base are lovingly referred to as ‘Deadites’, a reference to Sam Raimi’s ‘The Evil Dead’ films, and their collection of clothes are given the title ‘shiny’ an homage to the the Firefly/Serenity series. Their clever pop culture referenced marketing strategy hints at the artwork adorning their attire. Cartoons, anime, movies, memes and games are all subject to the couture treatment amongst the nylon reams within the depths of LDC headquarters.


There are many collections of clothing, some for men but many are aimed at women, I’ll start with the Rainmakers since they have men’s and women’s collections. Rainmakers are like a high necked basketball jersey; men specifically can get a range of Firefly themed tops. Women have access to a myriad of themes like ‘Supernatural’, ‘Dragon Ball Z’, ‘Sailor Moon’ and more, after asking several male friends they agreed that some of the women’s Rainmakers were appealing to them too. Leggings are another item that LDC have designed for men in the ‘Firefly’ range, though the men I asked about them said that they wouldn’t wear them, or if they did only for exercise purposes.

LDC have launched an active wear range, but that’s the least exciting part of their website, Bioshock dresses, shirts, skirts, crop tops, leggings, bodysuits, the same kinds of clothing for things like Firefly, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, American Horror Story, original Sci Fi and Fantasy designs. There are so many different clothing styles that can be accessed, a person could build nearly a full wardrobe from their collections, and every collection is made with official licensing so the clothing’s artwork is a perfect match to the corresponding series. Greatest of all is the material that these are made of feels amazing, it’s incredibly soft, stretchy and durable, someone described the fabric to me as sensual. Starting to get sleepy with all of this talk about clothes? LDC have that covered too with onesies and pyjama bottoms.


Some of the lines mentioned before are no longer continuing, every so often the brand holds what they named ‘Nylon Fatality Day’ where items of clothing are marked to be discontinued. There is hope for those hoping to access discontinued lines, people in the Brisbane, Queensland region can go to the Factory Outlet Store in Seventeen Mile Rocks. Alternatively LDC have a VIP program that allows paying members access to their ‘Crypt’ of discontinued lines. These VIP memberships start at $205per year, or $3.95per week, granting a minimum of 20% off all products and a free personalised Rainmaker. My sanity maybe being questioned, but stick with me and I’ll explain how I’ve come to see this as a justifiable expense, though I have not invested in it myself.

Why I’m even bothering to promote this fantastic boutique is that I am a proud Deadite, my closet is starting to host a small range of shiny nylons, with which I am in love. What is fantastic about these items is how versatile they are, recently I bought a Bioshock maxi vigor skirt, and it can be worn anywhere: to work, lunch, coffee, it’s perfect. Some of the cosplay dresses I own aren’t as versatile as other parts of the clothing line, but all of the items that can be bought are excellent quality, beautiful clothing. In my time as a Deadite I’ve already spent in excess of $500, an easy feat amongst the swirling skirts of Little Sisters and Firefly. If I had access to 20% off and that free Rainmaker (RRP$75-$85), the expenditure would have already been matched making it a sound investment. Plus I’m not even done shopping for the year. However if you’re someone who’d rather not spend that extra money but still wants to be rewarded, every customer earns reward points with every purchase that can later be redeemed for discounts.

It’s very easy to get caught up amongst the virtual clothing racks and the real world impact is positive, the clothes are made for a variety of shapes. In these threads whether you’re a size 6 or a size 20 isn’t important, the focus is on beautiful clothes, because anyone can look and feel amazing in some great stitches. Sizes range from XS to 2XL but this does vary from product to product. Don’t believe my claims, head to their Instagram page where they love to repost the selfies of Deadites in uniform. These photos show people in fabulously fitting, flattering, pop culture inspired clothes. When considering what fit is right for you LDC has sizing charts with accurate measurements and a demonstration video with model measurements to show in real time how the garments look on individual body types. I have 2 different sizes of garments and it is my opinion that if you are in between sizes, or unsure opt for the smaller size.


As a gift for a friend, a loved one or for yourself this incredible boutique has something for everyone who loves all things pop culture. From someone who has purchased a week’s worth of outfits from this fantastic brand every dollar spent is worth it. Each item is eye catching, comfortable (more than comfortable, the material feels almost too good), flattering and most of all filled with awesome artwork. What’s even more interesting is the community of people online connected with this brand who loves promoting their customer base. Living Dead Clothing is very proud of their clothing and they have every right to be, people of the internet wouldn’t be raving about a product if they didn’t agree about its quality. This opinion driven promotion has been an unsponsored post, I stand by my words that these clothes are worth every penny, especially to dress as a Little Sister.


Rewards Program explained

LDC clothing size video




  • All images used in this piece were screen shot from Living Dead Clothing’s Instagram and website.

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Mini metalhead with a love of horror movies and video games. First started gaming on her brother’s N64 with Mortal Kombat. Favourite series include Bioshock, Pokémon, Silent Hill and Mortal Kombat.

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