Matt’s GOTY: Why am I so Different?

When we got together as a team to hash out the top 5 Game of the Year contenders for 2015, I didn’t think it was going to be a dictatorship. After days of arguing and debating with each other, 5 games emerged as the 2015 contenders. For the record I didn’t choose any of these but this is what I have come to expect from the powers that be at CDGN.

Here is what was handed down from above:

  1. Fallout 4 – Whilst many would choose this game for game of the year, I would have given it the title, Bore of the year! Seriously why do people get excited about a first person action/adventure game? Yes I know it can be played in third person, but have you tried it? It’s no Gears of War!
  2. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt – To be honest I haven’t played this, so I am unable to comment. I was too busy playing enjoyable games.
  3. Bloodborne – My comrades over at Retro Domination are literally hooked on this game, Daz for instance, who doesn’t have the patience to sit through and play Shenmue, completed Bloodborne, so that does say quite a bit about this game, however from what I have played and experienced, there is only so much hacking and slashing you can do before you throw your controller through your television set.
  4. Halo 5: Guardians Don’t get me started! After Bungie’s success of the Halo: Master Chief Collection, why would you even bother?
  5. Star Wars: Battlefront – This looked promising, I was a fan of the original Battlefront series, so I had high expectations, I was blown away with the graphical enhancements and I enjoyed the selection of multiplayer maps and the choice of dog fights between Tie Fighters and X-Wings, not to mention the Millennium Falcon, however unlike the movies, the story must have been left on the pages of pre-production and unfortunately no depth really materialised within the game.

Now, you may be wondering, well what are your picks for GOTY! I’m glad you asked that question. I have two real contenders for the title as well as a wild card entry.

I am going to turn towards a PlayStation exclusive, Until Dawn. I am huge fan of thrillers in general, So I jumped at the chance to immerse myself in a what is a brilliantly executed game. It’s graphics, controls, acting and just general mood are all the ingredients needed to give the fright you crave so much. If you are fan of I Know What you did Last Summer or Final Destination then you will really dig the trials and tribulations of teenager life whilst dealing with an escaped serial killer. Check out Gavin’s Until Dawn review here.

My second choice award goes to Activision’s Guitar Hero Live and to get an understanding of how truly enjoyable this game is, check out my Guitar Hero Live review here.

Whilst it does have it flaws, I found the new installment of Guitar Hero to be truly enjoyable. Try sipping back a few brewskies during and before your sets, this increases the feeling that you really are playing a guitar in front of thousands of screaming fans. This game is truly for the rock star tragic and definitely a contender for GOTY.

My wildcard entrant is somewhat trivial, as the game will be released in five installments and has not been completed as yet. I have only played through Chapter one and the second chapter has only just come out.

King’s Quest tells the story of King Graham through Telltale eyes and recreated by the Odd Gentlemen and the legendary Sierra, The game play mechanics are original and there is definitely a nod to the Sierra games of old. Check out my full review Kings Quest: Chapter 1 review here.

Well that’s my two cents worth, take it from me, don’t be a conformist; you have to stick it to the man every now and then. These are my GOTY 2015 picks, like it or lump it.

About: Matthew Cawley

I always had a passion for games even in my younger years, when I first received the Atari 2600, Pele Soccer was the flavor of the year, I played that game so much I actually started seeing top down soccer players in real life. My first real advanced gaming experience was when I received the Commodore Amiga 500, this is where adventure games took over my life, Sierra classics such as Police Quest, Space Quest, Kings Quest and the entire Leisure Suit Larry series dominated huge portions of my childhood.

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