Rainbow Moon Review

I find it hard to get too excited with the HD remake or rerelease of games to the new generation these days. I find that many times the game never quite matches the memories that I hold so closely to my heart. It is becoming more and more apparent that titles released on previous, less powerful formats should stay there, where they were once loved and will always be in our memories. Thankfully with Rainbow Moon being rereleased to PS4 I have the opportunity to consider this as a new title as I never played it on either the PS3 or Vita previously.

Rainbow Moon is a tactical role playing game in which you play as Baldren, a hero who finds himself on the once peaceful planet of Rainbow Moon. It seems that Baldren arrived on Rainbow Moon via an interdimensional portal and not only did he turn up but a plethora of nasty, violent and downright rude monsters followed him through. This made the peaceful folk of Rainbow Moon distrust our hero and he must know save the planet, close the portal and find a way home.

The first thing that strikes you is the visual aspect of the game. The characters are quite beautifully designed and the whole world exudes a charming art style and cheery colour palette. Being an isometric field of play the game benefits greatly due to this and wondering throughout the world is a pleasant experience that garnered more than the occasional smile from me.

Another aspect that bought joy to me was the random encounters. Like Final Fantasy games of old, random encounters happen frequently. To my surprise these encounters display the enemies in type, level and number and provide the gamer the choice of whether to partake in them or simply keep on exploring. One of my pet hates in isometric RPG’s are that most of them contain encounters in which you need to enter before being able to escape or avoid. The benefit here in Rainbow Moon is that you can way up your risk Vs reward before entering a battle. Even with key encounters that are on the map, the game allows you to know what you are up against before entering the battle allowing you to prepare.

The battle scenarios take place in a closed space environment. These are turn based and rely as much on your strategic mind as your level and abilities or weapons. Movement, use of the environment and the ability to turn odds into your favour far outweigh the sheer strength of your character or party. If you have played any Fire Emblem or Advanced Tactics games you will be well equipped here. Your turns are made of decisions, attack, defend, move, ability or item are your options and planning so that your nota attacked from multiple positions is a must if you wish to succeed.

The world is quite large and the adventure is long. This is mainly due to the fact of your progress being blocked frequently due to obstacles that require a certain side quest filled or simply not being a high enough level to have any chance of succeeding. This is unfortunate as the game is stretched out due to the need of grinding via random encounters in which you either find correct drops from enemies or enough XP to enhance your party. The fun factor takes a hit and frustration can build which is a shame as the game otherwise is quite fun to play.

Overall Rainbow Moon is quite an enjoyable, challenging romp that tests your mental with both strategy and endless grinding. It is cute to look at, can be fun to play and achieving victory later on is a nice reward. The grinding is the only downfall of this game and it is unfortunate that you spend too much time and energy doing so. However if you are a fan of tactical RPG’s then there are not many games better for the miserly asking price of $22.95.


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