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It has become an annual tradition highlighting the best and worst games of each year, critiquing why each one of them was better than their peers, making fun of those games that didn’t make the cut. Once this demeaning process is finished the next part of the process begins, the one where consumers drool over the next line of products, the ones that haven’t been released yet. With that said it’s the time of year to tribute the most promising titles to be released in 2016. There’s a little something for everyone, from franchise reboots, exciting new original titles and even some family friendly games.


Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is the upcoming third person, strategy game that has both adults and children entranced by its bright colours and engaging gameplay. Looking like something from the children’s channel, PVZ has a unique style of warfare gameplay, allowing you to take control of either a plant team or a zombie team and battle for a territory. The Legend of Zelda is another title long considered family friendly, touting a softly designed art style and stories formed around magical quests. This long franchised title will be available exclusively for the Wii U and has been hyped up by IGN in their Most Anticipated Games of 2016 video, if the game is anything like its predecessors this could be one game that makes the Wii U a must have for the lounge room.

Continuing with reboots and sequels, Final Fantasy XV is set to launch amidst the expectations of eager fans who have been waiting what feels like eons to get their hands on the next in the series. Considering the 10-year production time there is little to no room for excuses if the game doesn’t meet public expectation. Tom Clancy ‘s The Division is another continuation of a well-known series that is highly anticipated by the fanfare. With its next gen graphics and back by a series with exquisitely written storyline, The Division looks like it could be a contender for the dreaded Game of the Year nominations for 2016. Fifa 17 might not have much of a story line but that doesn’t stop it from being a well-loved game amongst soccer fans and casual players alike, Sports Betting Dime has included it in their post: Video Game Odds: Which Titles Will Top the 2016 Charts.


Most of the titles that people eagerly await are established franchises, 2016 will be no different with a number of other franchise reboots, and sequels other than those already mentioned. Gamestop featured Street Fighter V which promises all the oiled muscles and skimpy costumes you remember; Hitman, though the episodic gameplay will determine much of its success; Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End which could be very different from the series you remember after the departure of series writer/creative director Amy Hennig; Dark Souls 3; Gears if War 4 which will only be great if the self-proclaimed GoW King, Peter Biu decrees it so; Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst; and Mass Effect: Andromeda in a 2016 lineup titled The Agonising Wait: Every Game From E3 That’s Coming. Not to be forgotten are some of the original titles worth keeping an eye out for. They are: Battleborn, Cuphead, No Man’s Sky, and Quantum Break.


2016 looks to have a number of titles worthy of your hard earned money, filled with plenty of reboots, which we have come to expect and a variety of new titles to explore. Some games will be shooters like Battleborn, Gears of War and The Division; others, like Street Fighter V are for the fans of hear the sick thud of skin on skin. Over the next 12 months as games release faster and faster into our eager hands and one thing that is not lacking is choices.


About: Sarah Rigg

Mini metalhead with a love of horror movies and video games. First started gaming on her brother’s N64 with Mortal Kombat. Favourite series include Bioshock, Pokémon, Silent Hill and Mortal Kombat.

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