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With the recent release of PSVR, VR Worlds may be the most bought game to experience SONY’s fancy new face wear. It looks an attractive purchase from the outside, a disc under sixty dollars that contains five different gaming experiences presents huge value. The biggest question being; are the games worth playing and is VR Worlds worth purchasing? To answer this, I will take you through a mini review of each game included and give an opinion of the package as a hole for my final conclusion.


VR Luge:


Street Luge actually seems like a really cool idea for a VR experience. I mean VR is designed to take you out of your lounge room and into something exciting. What could be more exciting or exhilarating than hurtling down a declining, winding road, weaving between traffic on a luge at break neck speeds? Unfortunately, the answer is everything. Street Luge is easily the most disappointing addition to VR Worlds. As there is realistically no way to lie on your back to play this game, unless you could suspend the camera above you somehow, you never really feel as though you are in the game.

The Luge is controlled by moving your head to the left or right, with your direction following your head. These movements must be made subtly, otherwise you turn ridiculously sharp and end up flying to the side of the road. Have no fear though, you will never actually leave the road due to invisible walls bouncing you back inward. The traffic rushing by should get your heart racing, however if you make contact with a vehicle you simply pass through it, or its outline, with the result being a loss of speed.

So the danger all of a sudden is non-existent, as are the thrills. There are leader boards to top but honestly if you play it more than a couple of times I would be surprised. I didn’t even do all of the runs, this was a huge disappointment.


Ocean Descent:


I first tried this one as a demo at PAX Australia last year and it is the demo that got me really excited for PSVR. It is pretty much a stand and look around experience, you control nothing. You are inside a shark cage and lowered into the depths of the ocean. The visuals are ridiculously pretty and you have a real sense of being within the environment you are seeing. Marine life is abundant, and the further down you go the more real everything seems. Needless to say, as most of you would know, there is an encounter with a massive Great White Shark. It actually is truly terrifying, and well worth the dive. There are a few different dives in which to partake, I found them all enjoyable.

Danger Ball:


Anyone card for a game of PONG, in VR? This pretty much sums up Danger Ball. You play against an opponent with each of you at either end of a rectangular cube. You control a square tile which moves with your head to hit the ball toward your opponent. Hit with the middle for speed and the edges for angled shots. Get the ball past your opponent to win a point, first to five points wins the match. It is a simple game with simple graphics but contains fantastic vibrant colours and some pretty neat effects. It is also more fun than you would think.


London Heist:


Anyone remember The Getaway, or to a lesser extent its sequel Black Monday? The series was quite good, the best part about them was the fact that the setting was London and you were thrust into an underground gangster world reminiscent of a Guy Richie movie. Well if this is your thing you may well love London Heist. As part of a London Mob you are required to pull off a jewel heist. You start strapped to a chair being interrogated as the story rolls back to what has previously happened. Played out as an on rails shooter, London Heist gives a good sense of what is to look forward to in VR gaming. It is not a masterpiece but extremely enjoyable and unfortunately short. Good stuff though.


Scavenger Odyssey:


I actually knew little of Scavenger Odyssey before VR Worlds release. Turns out it is possibly the disc’s best addition. You are an alien being that is on a mission to retrieve an artefact. Things go horribly wrong as an unforeseen meteor storm rips your salvage fleet to shreds. Luckily you are already in your bug like mech and ready to depart. With an early and quite dangerous launch you head for the surface of a volatile planet, arriving via jump hopping from meteor to meteor. You are armed with cannons and an electro grappling hook and your mech uses its claws to attach to any surface. It is quite great graphically and the game gives you a real sense of being there controlling your little bug. Definitely not one for the squeamish, if you have a weak stomach (I have an iron gut) or suffer from motion sickness you will have no chance of enjoying it. If you are stable in the gut though you’re in for a treat.


So overall VR Worlds is a mixture of ordinary, good and great. The biggest criticism I have with the overall package is whether you would want to outlay fifty-five dollars for it. Although some of the games are enjoyable none are overly long and the replay ability is low. It would have been welcomed to be able to buy each title separately at a low cost on psn, I recommend holding of for the inevitable discounted price.


The Good: Nice showcase for what VR is all about, some genuinely good fun to be had.

The Bad: Very short games, little replay value.

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