You Game Bro? Episode 15 – Jennifer Scheurle

This week we are joined by the very talented game developer Jennifer Scheurle from Flat Earth games. we get to talk about Objects in Space, the modempunk stealth space-trading game, Philosophy of Ten, a game that aims to present a moral philosophy problem as the world is coming to a end.
We talk about No Man’s Sky, Diablo 2 HD Remaster, Being a Viking for a day and Good Game Making 10 years!
You Game Bro? Podcast is recorded live on every Wednesday 8pm AEST

For everything Jennifer
Philosophy of Ten
Flat Earth Games
Objects in Space
And of course all thing Pez
The Consouls
Intro Song: In the Bar (Streets of Rage II)

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Creator and founder of the CDGN. “Gaming has always been a big part of my life. The idea to create something and work within the industry has always been a dream until now”

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