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VR hardware developers are pushing harder than ever to make Virtual Reality a house hold source of entertainment. They are still a long way off from making it easily accessible to all gamers, with hardware upgrades and connectivity issues being some of the biggest hurdles at this early stage. Though this won’t stop third party dev’s from coming up with some cool add-on’s and VR ready gadgets for you to feast your eyes, hands and bank balances on.  I can’t tell you what the best VR ready graphics cards are for you, or which chip set to use, but I can gather up some of the most interesting VR peripherals I have found about the net and share them. This article is not for the financially challenged, you have been warned.

Although this might increase the price of upgrading to VR it might also help some of the more OCD PC gamers out there with their decision to upgrade. The MSI VR Boost Kit:

Designed to fit comfortably in a spare CDROM cavity in the front of your computer, this handy little device will clean up the wire clutter associated with PC VR gaming. Run your leads directly into the front of the boost kit after connecting it to the graphics card of your choice, although MSI recommends using their VR Ready Graphics cards, there is no reason why you couldn’t plug this clutter saving device into any VR ready graphics card, eliminating the need to reach around your tower to plug in and saving space and cord length. Although this is not the only “Boost Kit” on the market, other companies such as EVGA have designed their own, this is the only one that doesn’t come exclusively bundled with a VR Ready graphics card.

The next helpful device actually comes under the wearable banner, The Peregrine Glove:

The Peregrine Glove is basically a wearable Macro pad, it has little pads running under your fingers and palm that you can macro keys to. This will come in handy (pardon the pun) for anyone who is sick of having to take their headset off to use the keyboard. The connector on the back is a magnet so if you accidentally pull away from your pc its will just clip off without damaging the cord or the USB port. It’s not the only external interface out there, I mean you could always use a mouse or game pad, but at least this way it’s always with you and you never have to take you headset off to find it. The Peregrine Glove has over 30 different operations so the sky is the limit and is not too expensive making it the perfect addition to a serious VR set up.

Want more control? Well the Reactive Grip Motion Controller might be what you’re looking for.

This controller can be used in pairs to give you complete control over your VR experience. With is sensitive haptic feedback system you can feel your way through your environment. It is the perfect accessory for FPS gaming or even VR art and creative landscapes, there really isn’t much this controller can’t do, although it’s been said to be a little bulky its endless list of positive applications in the VR world far our way its size. Check out the how it works:



For the sitting gamer: the VRGO VR-enabled chair (left pic) is a great little device and a cheaper and more light wait accessory for those of you that have been looking into the VIRTUIX OMNI (right pic).

Both of these devices give you the ability to use your body language to move your VR character / avatar. In the VRGO you can lean side to side and front to back to strafe and walk forwards and backwards respectively. It also acts as storage space for all your VR gear like headsets, leads and headphones. The VIRTUIX OMNI is the standing up version that you can actually run, walk and jump in. The way it works is the user puts od special sock like shoes the slip over the frictionless surface base, tracking your movements and actions. Although this device is a lot larger and bulker then the VRGO it is more designed, in my opinion, for conventions or dedicated gaming rooms, then something to store in your lounge room. Even so both of these devices have their merits and will complete your VR gaming experience!

These are some of the more interesting VR peripherals I could find about the place. Its products like this that are going to make our VR experience even more immersive then just strapping on the head set and using your console controller.

This has been Dreadlocked Spartan (aka Simon Mawson) with Your Tech Update.


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Simon Mawson (AKA Drdlokd Sp4rtn) Computer Science student at Adelaide University Blogger / Vlogger, Gaming YouTuber, and general techy guy! I am a PC gamer with a passion for Open world role-play games, and a love for fantasy universes like Halo, The Elder Scrolls, and Diablo.

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